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Hog Wild BBQ Sauce 

“Our meat is served naked….Sauce on the side”


If you like sauce, we have it homemade for you to enjoy with our meat.

Original Sauce

Our homemade sweet and tangy sauce compliments our amazing smoked meats.  

$8 pint

Spicy Sauce 

Want it hot? This is it….spicy chili sauce is declared a winner by everyone looking for a chili maple combination that’s HOT!                                 

$8 pint

Chipotle Sauce 

If smokey is what you are looking for you found it.

$8 pint


Hog Wild RUBS

Always rub your meat

Sweet Rub

We use on our baby back ribs to give them a sweet-spicy rub of sugar cayenne and a few other spices to savor. $8 a jar

Savory Rub 

We use on our St. Louis style ribs for a savory flavor. Spices of paprika, garlic and oregano (among others) give the meat a kick. $8 a jar

House Rub 

Best for chicken and pulled pork. Mild seasonings to bring out the natural flavor of any meat. $8 a jar

Hog wild tee

Show off your love of BBQ

Men's shirt           $20

Women's shirt      $20

Men's Hat           $20

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